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“The evolution of the internal combustion engine will continue to evolve as new technologies and advancements are made.”

 The general performance market started with carburetors back in the 60’s, early 80’s every automotive manufacture was looking at low pressure fuel injection ranging from sequential, batch or throttle body injection systems.  The demand for more horsepower and better economy caused the fuel pressure to raise over the last 30 years.  In the 80’s it was common to see fuel pressure at 25 to 30 psi, now newer vehicles are running 75 to 88 psi but are still running the injection systems designed from the 80’s. The Direct Injection market is the next evolution in making cars more efficient yet making more power than ever before.

The move from carburetors to fuel injection in the 80’s created a huge learning curve for the automotive performance market, look at the automotive performance market today, most of the cars have fuel injection systems on them and near every tuning solution uses the fuel injection system to generate more power or adjust for additional performance items on the car. Moving into the next evolution in automotive performance, the advancement from low pressure pre-intake valve injection to high pressure direct point injection into the combustion chamber. Just like with the advancement from carburetors to fuel injection in the 80’s, the advancement from low pressure injection to high pressure direct injection is going to come with a learning curve.

We here at HPFP Upgrade to hope to make this learning curve a little easier for you.

Since 2007 we have been involved in designing and producing the best high pressure direct injected parts for your applications. The protocols in place for engineering, R&D, testing and quality control meet some of the highest standards in the industry. 2% failure is unacceptable in our eyes and that is why all our products come with a 2 year warranty against defects in manufacturing or materials.

The next evolution in automotive performance is here and we have embraced this advancement into high pressure direct injection market. Our competitors have huge sites that support all aspects into the performance or motorsports of those vehicles, we believe that being good at everything makes you an expert of nothing. This is why HPFP Upgrade will specialize in the parts evolving around the direct injection applications and only those items (you will not see big turbo kits or intercoolers on our site), thus effectively making us experts in the high pressure direct injection products that we offer.

Our focus is making a product that the end user can rely on 100% of the time and we can provide this by only working with high pressure direct injected fueling components on the vehicles that run them.