Audi and VW DIY Fuel Pump Upgrade


Our latest addition to the high pressure fuel pump upgrades…


The Do It Yourself fuel pump kit!


With the other DIY kits on the market you have to worry about fuel leakage into the oiling system.  With our kit that problem has been addressed due to the design and parts that come with our kit.


Kit contains:


HPFP fuel pump internals

New pump seal section

New OEM spring

New OEM retainer

New N276 valve


What makes our “kit” better.


1st  Our internals are the largest on the market and have been proven to flow more than the competitions fuel pump.

2nd  The new pump seal section comes with our Gen X seal (Pat Pend) that keeps the fuel from entering into the oiling system (this is a huge problem with the competitors parts).  The seal section is brand new and modified with our additional Gen X seal.

3rd  All new OEM pieces (spring, retainer, pusher puck) and its assembled for you!

4th  A brand new N276 valve.  Now some will ask, what is this?  Or, what does this do?  The N276 valve is the valve on the top of your fuel pump, this valve is the control for the rise and fall of fuel pump pressure on the high side.  The N276 valve is a known problem when you install a DIY fuel pump internals kit.  The older fuel pumps had a valve on them that was known for failing.  Not only this, but the used valve on your car is going to have a tough time when you start asking “more” of it (more duty cycle, more pressure, more ???).  We include a new N276 valve with our DIY kit so you don’t have to worry about this killing your brand new fuel pump internals.


HPFP UPGRADE wanted to bring you an affordable option but it needed to be functional and offer the same quality that our assembled fuel pumps deliver.  This DIY kit is the only “complete” fuel pump upgrade on the market that will give the performance without the head ache of the other DIY kits.









Product Added: October 18, 2011
Part Number: hpfp00014