FSI-TFSI Fuel Pump Rebuild Program

You want an affordable option for a fuel pump yet don't want the complexities of installing your own fuel pump internals?  

We have a simple and affordable solution for you!!!

Our fuel pump reubild program is the only affordable solution on the market for the FSI/TFSI fuel pumps.

We start out with a use fuel pump, but we only use 3 components from the fuel pump assembly:

1. Pump body

2. Pump fuel line fittings

3. Top cover

By replacing all the othe components, you no longer have to worry about the used core not passing for a refund, or the N276 having failed with your DIY fuel pump internals.  You can get a professionally cleaned, assmbled and tested fuel pump for just about 1/2 the cost of new.

We have a core exchange program so you will not be car down while you are waiting for your fuel pump, and just like all our brand new fuel pump upgrades, it comes with a 5 year warranty against any defects of the parts we replace.

Product Added: May 15, 2015
Part Number: hpfp00040