VW-Audi 3.6 FSI HPFP

The HPFP Upgrade high pressure fuel pump increases the volume of fuel from stock by over 40%. To achieve this we modifying some key internal parts within the pump. Changing these components requires precision machining, enlargement of the pump and piston, and precision measuring components. Using inferior components on this critical part can lead to many problems. We only use certified H13 tool steel for our pumps, the final finish of the sleeve to piston surface is measured in RA then a final check is done in RZ (mirror like finish). This process allows for final fitment that goes to the .000005 of an inch. All our pump internals are nitride treated then cooled in a nitrogen vacuum chamber. This has been proven to give the best material treatment available for the H13 tool steel and the process is certified to meet the specifications for the high pressure pump internals. All parts are then hand fit (with protective gloves) and measured with air gauges to verify you are getting "matched" sets with every pump or pump internal.

Gen X seal, (patent pending) our fuel pumps have a second seal that keeps fuel from entering into the oil.  This is a common problem when you install  "internals" into your fuel pump.  Fuel contaimination in the oiling system can cause engine damage or ruin the cam pump lobe (loss of lubricity).  We are the only company that utilizes the OEM seal then installs another seal for oil control/fuel control.  This is an exclusive design that is a must have for high RPM operation or higher commanded fuel pressures (over 175 bar) in custom tunes.  It is the first control seal that works in conjunction with the OEM seal and is designed to work on stock or highly modified fuel systems/engines.

The HPFP Upgrade fuel pump tester is a key element in pump production process. With this fuel pump tester we can perform several tests to verify pump operational parameters:

  • Peak Flow vs RPM
  • Peak Pressure vs RPM
  • Chart RPM and pressure curves
  • Chart RPM and flow curves
  • Minimum operational pressure
  • Pump solenoid operation
  • Pump seals are good
  • Fuel temperature at high pressure discharge point
  • Low pressure feed pump psi

Product Added: November 15, 2014
Part Number: hpfp00039