N54-55 Fuel System Upgrade

After a year of development we are proud to release our fueling upgrades for the BMW market!

The Stage 1 fuel system will include pump and injector rail.  The injector rail is needed to reach the full potential of the Stage 1 and 2 fuel pumps. The Stage 1 fuel system will deliver enough fuel to meet the demands of 550HP with proper tuning.  600HP will be possible with in tank pump upgrades and racing fuel.  On average we see a 20% flow increase from our Stage 1 fuel pumps.

Stage 2 fuel system be capable of 700HP with upgraded in tank fuel pump and upgraded feed lines.  Bench testing has shown the Stage fuel pump delivering enough fuel to support 800HP if the feed side demands are high enough (low pressure side).  This is with proper supporting modifications and proper tuning. On average we see a 40% increase in our Stage 2 fuel pumps.  Release of the Stage 2 fuel pump will be midsummer.

We only use new fuel pumps and new fuel rails for all our upgrades.  With the constant revisions from BMW on the fuel pump we will not take the chance of upgrading an outdated or used fuel pump.  We have seen too many fuel pump failures with used pumps and in order to provide the customer with the best in what BMW and HPFPUPGRADE has to offer... we only modify new parts.  We will take your old un-modified fuel rail back as a core return and post a $100 refund when we receive it.

There were several tools we built/machined in order to tear down, assemble, verify, and properly test the fuel pumps.  These are not tools you can purchase from BMW or buy online.  We have the only independent test bench in the nation for testing the BMW fuel pumps.  Without releasing to many details of our test bench we had to develop and design a oil pressure feed and drain system to run the pumps at "operating parameters" on our test bench.  It was one of the most difficult designs we have tested to date!

Beware of the competition, they are simply drilling a hole and calling it an upgrade.  This is not the proper way to upgrade the BMW fuel pump.  Several other modifications are needed to reach the true potential of what we consider an "upgrade".

With more than 1,000 man hours into testing, design and destruct we are proud to offer a 2 year warranty against any mechanical failure of our upgraded fuel pump.  We reserve the right to void any warranty due to:

  1. Physical damage to the pump body
  2. Fuel pumps ran dry or ran out of fuel
  3. Fuel pumps that have been disassembled and reassembled
  4. Foreign material or debris inside the fuel pump
  5. Cracked housings from improper tuning (spiked peak pressures)

Take care of your fuel pump and it will provide you with a lifetime of performance.

Trust that you are getting the best fuel pump on the market for your BMW!

We want our fuel pumps to be the premier pump for the BMW market, so we are offering a bounty for those that push their car to the limit.  In the 12 months after purchasing the fuel pump, and you can deliver Dyno Jet dyno results or 1/4 mile times of:

First 5 people running 600 + WHP will receive $250 refund

First 5 people running 700 + WHP will receive $500 refund

First 5 people running 11.5 or lower seconds in the 1/4 mile will receive $250 refund

First 5 people running 10.50 or lower in the 1/4 mile will receive $500 refund

We will need video proof of this and recognition in the video or a HPFPUPADE sticker is seen on the car in the video will qualify you for the refund.

Our fuel pumps currently power with worlds highest WHP and fastest:  Mazda Speed, VW and Audi FSI engines.  We want to provide the same quality and performance to the BMW market!





Product Added: April 24, 2013
Part Number: hpfp00038